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tv   News Weekly  RT  June 15, 2014 12:29am-12:45am EDT

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and i guess also tom is head of the project which consists of three in total amounting to five hundred billion dollars revenue loss is the largest to be tied to my feet grew by. taking one point eight billion dollars for the month. late is brace yourself because we are about to look at it by the time looking down saying right back thanks to me you know hi katie you know last week we got katie's choice so you picked what we invested and you picked for me to wear the silly bow tie on the air i look even more foolish than normal and you know what i'm kind of double mad at you because i found out that the entire crew of venture capital except for me has a week off next week so this week will be investing in the same thing for two weeks in a row but katie i forgive you because last week you picked for me. the i mining giant and they wind up nine percent that's one thousand five hundred dollars in the till
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as they say in your country of war including dane so let's spin the wheel and see what all invest in for two weeks in a row while you're having vacation and i'm still working i can i don't start with his two weeks is a long time in the world of the knowledge and choice again thank goodness only way the company that mines a lot of diamonds are russia is a big producer of diamonds maybe not quite like south africa but definitely high up there and the diamonds are always in demand for both jewelry and industrial purposes so we'll see what happens in two weeks before two weeks is a long time a you're going to have to really get there's no turning into stereo because they're going to have to be wrong. d'oeuvres of steel but i'm not about a tiny ten euro in that little. dangerous all right jim caviar see you in two weeks and see if the diamond sparkle for you see the. the fact that men can really
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speaking still get paid at most of them women and the majority of jobs in fear a wild wife and me and this week it was. see it was that hit boredom while a teen role flop was born multan well throughout she made thirty eight million dollars last year as a c.e.o. of united therapeutics where she's worth almost twenty years that of the second highest female the highest paid female know well it was more semei just hit and she made woman ten million dollars less the multi overall i mean six percent of c.e.o.'s of the top two hundred companies are women so whatever she was born and she's a fairy much a woman now that's the main thing and good for our eyesight and that's it for me for now obviously in the next week for my sis is about face i won't be have but in the meantime i will indeed be on twitter so you can join me that in the meantime goodbye.
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but eugenics vulgarize ation of darwin science punishment for an on committed crime i was there are things to believe in eighty feebleminded still today if you don't know what you know but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology don't stop but just sterilizing yet again and now go to the point of death he did for years rarely discussed. till now i'd really rather not talk about that right.
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but if you're going to comment on. all the face i deserve you. lenny. pleasure to have you with us here on our team today i roll researcher. lead. i marinate join me. in that impartial and financial reporting commentary in from news and much much. only on bombast and.
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but. you know that you know the premise is the only industry specifically mention of the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albums. the work of our government and our crafts difficult we've been hijacked right handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told by job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on will we go beyond identify the problem trucks rational debate real discussion critical issues facing up to five are you ready to join the movement then welcome to.
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the welcome back you with r.t. international with today's world news on the week's big stories the united states has sent an aircraft carrier to the shores of iraq as washington ponders military help for the country where radical militants are conducting a ruthless onslaught and are edging worryingly close to baghdad the face fighting is now barely one hundred kilometers from the capital is the army struggles to hold back the advance of the islamic state of iraq and syria militant group the group the ready installing it citing is down its leadership in the second largest city mosul which docky pide already this week isis has also managed to see some american army hardware that was supplied earlier to iraq to help fight the insurgency. has more on the. when leaving behind a sovereign stable and self-reliant iraq two and a half years later the people america left behind are running away fleeing for
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their lives on hoth a million people have already escaped from iraq's second city mosul off the i.s.i. al forced the army to retreat reports a gunman have also sees a nearby oil refinery town iraq's prime minister calling for a state of emergency after hundreds of gunman took control of strategic parts of the northern city of mosul by wednesday militants had seized the turkish consulate in mussel kidnapping the head of diplomatic mission and two dozen staff members some thirty thousand iraqi soldiers reportedly turned and ran as militants from the islamic state of iraq and syria known as isis moved in unleashing an all out assault on the city they've taken control of hospitals police stations they have taken control of ammunition dumps and weapons stores that the fleeing government forces of what they've left behind many of the abandoned weapons and military hardware now in the hands of hard line terrorists were imported into iraq from gas
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where i think you all are aware of the shipments that we've provided that include the delivery of three hundred hellfire missiles millions of rounds of small arms fire thousands of rounds of tank ammunition helicopter fired rockets that iraqi security forces and don't forget about the u.s. supplied humvees here you can see isis insurgents riding and inspecting the vehicles driving them across the border into war torn syria critics call it an unintended consequence of the u.s. war in iraq coming home to roost there weren't any real sizable organized militant groups in iraq until al qaeda of the mesopotamia rose during that to fight back at the u.s. invasion to help the army we've trained them for eight years and that didn't seem to. work bush dismantled the original rocky army after the us invasion and that's the root of the problem the u.s. war in iraq cost washington close to one trillion dollars and the lives of more
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than forty five hundred soldiers hundreds of thousands of iraqis have reportedly been killed while the u.s. was looking for w m d's and spreading democracy. the unified and competent iraqi military that was allegedly established has buckled weapons that were made in the usa are now in the hands of america's enemies and the country left to fend for itself in a state of crisis. r t. twelve un says more than a thousand civilians have been killed since the fighting started and the ongoing violence has forced eight hundred thousand people to flee their homes to escape the advancing jihadists the situation is no better for troops either isis boasts that it has executed around seventeen hundred captured iraqi soldiers hundreds of iraqis have responded to a call to arms to defend their towns but the army still remains flanked at almost
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every turn in fighting isis so let's take a look at why firstly when the extremists seize mosul it opened up access to the cash arms and ammunition stored iraq's largest oil refining area is also at peril of being captured by isis which could in danger the country's already weak economy and the number of militants is also growing the group is said to have helped hundreds of prisoners escaped from jail swelling its ranks in the process and on top of that it is exploiting and fueling sectarian tensions in the community gathering public support among radicalized sunni muslims while another branch of the group operates in syria just over the border providing a steady flow of reinforcements to iraq michael o'brien who was a u.s. defense department contractor in iraq discussed the disintegrating security there on artie's in then. and scoff and. money and bill to get a good deal a deal of money out we have a lot of scoff and we've got to worry about i want to pay off our our pension bell
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the oil is as base can get taxes and roll tears from it. you know the all prices dropping from the four you can base your entire. you know your tire color me on oil with we together through war and peace. people as fanatics but in for what it's worth this is a vast states for the for the united states and we want to break with that and everything that that means but we all we want to say that we want to have influence we want to have influence with partners there with the economy in britain is being run just know is leading towards massive inequality on a historic scale and i think the real question is can we afford not to vote yes in september. to apologize that this report was actually about scottish independence we get onto that story shortly now as one country that's finally told government intelligence that it can't have an access all areas pass to people online data canada's supreme court insists lowering forces must get permission to pry from
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internet providers r.t. dot com tells you what made the ruling possible plus ever wondered what far off planet smell like well nothing has been flipping around saturn as we tell you on the hour. now the countdown to scotland's historic independence referendum passed the hundred day mark this week both sides of the ante to win over wavering scots for now though polls show the no camp is leading but separatist campaigners have been steadily gaining supporters with a four percent rise in the last four months but there's much more to it than just flag waving and national identity its stake is the cost of breaking from britain and whether it could be an independent member of the e.u. and nato r.t. has been listening to opinions from both sides. scoff and put some money and bills
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to get a good deal a deal of money out we have a lot of calls and we've got to worry about i want to pay off our our pension bell the oil is as basic and get taxes and roll tears from it. you know the all prices dropping through the floor you can base your entire. you know entire color me on oil with been together through war and peace. people as fanatics. for what it's worth this is a vast states for the for the united states and we want to break with that and everything that that means but we all we want to say that we want to have influence we want to have influence with partners the way the economy invests in is being run just no is leading towards massive inequality on a historic scale and i think the real question is can we afford not to vote yes in september. up next taking a bite out of the big stories the new push on the trees. on
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marriage and the financial romance act calm and happy not stop only take no demand for credit you're not going to get any economic benefit in life there are jews. right close to. the first strike. and i think the term. on a recorder splitter. uninstall. the lips unlock.
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nato's oppression claudio's moved into ukraine according to u.s. intelligence reports coming up. the openly nazi base of kiev's new army. wiki leaks cables but the us ambassador. and i quote psychopaths of cia special ops. prove once again that the united states of america is and will remain the greatest force for freedom the world has ever known a bomb hits
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a new high this month claiming the us with the main liberates against the nazis and s m b c reports that in reality world war two never ended while publicly that what tells demanded quote full details if you came to charge those responsible for the holocaust privately even those the war against fascism was still raging the white house was creating what it called rat lines to america for tens of thousands of nose these despite being classed as a menace to us security you want the man responsible for hiring cash the white house created new identities for nazi mass murderers like klaus welby and deleted the records of their crimes such as waterboarding to chamba had manacles but just like spacing in dangling chains we tonicize soon closed on the arrived.


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